About ifempower

ifempower is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, with 9 partners from 7 European countries.

ifempower wishes to empower females to get engaged in self-employment and entrepreneurship especially in SMEs. Based on a preparatory research on the role of females in European SMEs, investigating the main roles, hindrances, gaps and market needs, the project elaborated a module for university students which can broaden their knowledge on entrepreneurship related topics, providing hands-on training to support their engagement in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

This module was jointly developed by partners, accredited and launched at partner universities for 2 semesters. ifempower gathered partners from two pillars of the knowledge triangle, namely businesses, business support organizations and universities and made important efforts to engage the government sector to channel in the results of the project. Involvement of the civil sphere has been assured through ASPs. The project brought an innovative and participatory approach by providing a mentorship programme for participating students by connecting them to entrepreneurs. Apart from developing curricula, the project launched personal consultancy for interested students to provide further support for their engagement and online support toolkit.

This project began on September 2018 and closed in August 2021. It was implemented under the lead of HÉTFA Research Institute Hungary.