Find your mentor

The Mentorship Programme of ifempower aims to:

  • Promote synergies between business & education-provide basics of dual courses for universities within and beyond the partnership in entrepreneurial teaching & learning;
  • Provide potential or early entrepreneurs from partner universities the knowledge and practical advice from senior entrepreneurs and to get personal thoughts from their mentors on how they meet everyday challenges including business life, family life, etc.;
  • Provide opportunity for involved entrepreneurs to work with students (supporting their recruitment of human resource).

Potential mentees are students of ifempower’s university partners (Bifröst University, Corvinus University of Budapest, Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Sigmund Freud University), where the ifempower module is running. The students applying for mentoring can choose among the mentors listed below.

Note to the students (potential mentees): When decided which available mentor you would like to connect with, contact your institutional coordinator for the matchmaking. If you need more information or help to decide who to choose, also get support from your institutional coordinator.

You can find the list of current mentors below: