Call for Mentors

We have created a database of possible mentors for those female students who are attending ifempower’s Entrepreneurship Module at participating universities from Austria, Germany, Iceland and Romania, since they are looking for mentors for their business and professional development.

Although the mentorship programme is already running, we invite you (entrepreneurs) to register and support the students and future potential mentees.

Ifempower Mentorship Program is an integrated part of the academic curricula, the ifempower Entrepreneurship Module.  The basic mentoring program aims to show students how successful female entrepreneurs master their daily business life.

Being ifempower’s mentor, you act as role model for one student. Your mentee is a highly motivated student who also has to fulfil duties in order to receive 1 ECTS for attending the mentorship program successfully.

Please read more about ifempower Mentorship Program, procedures and your benefits here.

If you are considering becoming a mentor and would like more information to guide your decision, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.