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ifempower 2nd Multiplier Event – “How to nurture the entrepreneurial potential of women?”

Figure 1 – Opening session of ifempower 2nd Multiplier Event

The second multiplier event of ifempower was held in Porto, Portugal on 5 February 2020. This multiplier event was organised under the title “How to nurture the entrepreneurial potential of women?”. The aim of this event was to enhance knowledge exchange & synergies in the field of female entrepreneurship, focusing on successful mentorship programmes.

The event was started with the welcoming remarks from Martha Octavia, a senior consultant from SPI; Martha acted as the person in charge from the host institution. Subsequently, the event was continued with an introduction of ifempower by Virág Zsár, on behalf of HÉTFA Research Institute. HÉTFA Research Institute is the project coordinator of ifempower.

Figure 2 – Interactive sharing session and brainstorming activities

Following the welcoming remarks, two workshops and interactive sharing sessions were organised in the multiplier event. The sessions were led by experts from 6 countries of 12 different institutions. Sequentially shown below is the list of experts who shared their ideas in the workshop:

Opening session with introduction of ifempower outputs:

Presentations & workshop on entrepreneurship support and consultancy services

  • Introduction to IO4: ifempower Mentoring programme by Jürgen Raizner, Steinbeis Gmbh, Germany.

  • Presentation 1: Introducing the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, especially its Selection Criteria by Zsuzsanna Lakatosné Juhász, SEED Foundation, Hungary.

  • Presentation 2: The Pride of Inspiring and Supporting – the Femspace mentoring program by Viktória Tanczer, Femspace, Austria.

  • Presentation 3: The project “entreprenerin” by Dr. Anette Fomin, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

  • Presentation 4: Overcoming the 7 most dangerous barriers of women entrepreneur by Esther Liska, Glow Women Club, Portugal.

Figure 3 – Participants of the second ifempower multiplier event

Presentations and workshop on mentoring programmes

  • Introduction to IO6: ifempower support point & summary of the staff training – Santiago Reyes, ONECO, Spain.
  • Presentation 1: Solve ecological and social problems and earn money with them by Claudia Böhnke, University of Hohenheim, Germany.
  • Presentation 2: How to turn a cultural norm meant to keep women at home into entrepreneurship? by Katalin Czirjék, Transylvanian Art & Trade, Romania.
  • Presentation 3: “Woman Emprende Programme” org. by Eva López Barrio, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • Presentation 4: Women in Business: Empowering women entrepreneurs in the Danube Region by Klaudia Keringer, Pannon Business Network, Hungary.

Storytelling to learn & inspire segment

  • Story 1: A career in Finance and a path for entrepreneurship by Sónia Ribeiro, Lead Finance, Portugal.
  • Story 2: Danube Chance2.0 – Transnational Academy for Re-starting Entrepreneurs by Zsófia Kocsis, Pannon Business Network, Hungary.
Figure 4 – Ideas collected from sharing sessions and interactive brainstorming activities

The session was eventually concluded with brainstroming and interactive sharing sessions between the participants and ifempower project partners. There were 57 participants in the event coming from 12 countries including as: Spain, Hungary, Canada, Taiwan, Belgium and Indonesia.